Getting rid of beauty products -organization inspiration.

It can be easy to keep products that aren’t of good quality or broken in some way, just because they have memories or look pretty in your collection. But frankly that is called being a product hoarder. Many people focus on organization this time a year and end up over looking this vital part. For many women around the world the beauty draw is one opened on a daily basis, so why neglect it?

Tbh I am extremely guilty of this. I find myself keeping makeup and skincare products that I dont use or that is empty or broken. Have you ever said .   .  .

  •  I’ll just keep it so I can remember to repurchase it.
  •  I dont want to get rid of it because maybe one day I’ll have a use for it.
  • My skin didn’t react well to this product but if I throw out everything my skin doesn’t like I will never have a collection like I see on youtube.

These are all traps that end up in an overfilled messy draw or makeup bag that can leave you at a loss in your skincare or makeup routine.

Im not saying I have a massive collection of beauty products, what teenager does? Since I’ve recently had to face packing and ruthlessly getting rid of my belongings, Ive decided that its better to have a small collection of things you love and use, instead of a bigger collection filled of a few gems within junk.

I hope from reading this you now have some ORGANIZATION INSPIRATION!


The Body Shop – Tea Tree Range Review

Hey Guys,

So I was thinking I really wanted to do a post related to The Body Shop, as it’s my favourite brand along with Lush. I think it was sometime around april last year when I purchased The Body Shop’s “Tea Tree Starter Kit”. It came with a face wash, toner and moisturiser.



Tea Tree Face Wash

I was impressed by the facewash immensely! It helps make sure my blemishes stay under the skin so if you look really closely you can see that some are starting to grow but this face wash makes sure thats as far as they get before they’re  destroyed. I repurchased the larger bottle and have used this face wash ever since.

Buy or Bye? BUY!


Tea Tree Toner

Okay now here’s were it went down hill. This toner burnt! This toner is full of alcohol. It was way to harsh on my young skin, and this line is more for younger people! Worst of all I got crusty white flaky stuff on my nose, jawline, and in other random areas. One day that I went to school a friend even noticed (and when I was at home I thought I had got it all off but more of it came) so I had to try get it off of my face in the girls bathroom!

Buy or Bye? BYE!

1 star

Tea Tree Moisturiser

I’m not really sure if this was also related to the problem with the toner as I used them together and didn’t try it separately.  But it also burnt my skin. I then gave it to my sister and she said it was good, didn’t burn or do anything odd. Not a life changing product. So maybe it’s more suitable for slightly more mature skin? (late 20’s).

Buy or bye?BYE!


Thanks for reading,

Hope you have an awesome day!


Youtube Rundown – Zoella

Youtubers are becoming more popular by the minute! So Youtube Rundown is going to be a weekly post about our favourite youtubers. Wanna see a post about your favourite youtuber? Comment down below and we will be sure to check them out.

First up is   .     .     .


Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.38.55 am.png


Zoe Sugg is a Youtube famous celebrity, also widely known as Zoella. Zoella is a beauty and lifestyle zlogger. Weekly videos on the topics of beauty, baking, lifestyle, etc, bringing joy to people from 5 – 45 years of age. Zoe’s main channel has recently hit 10 million subscribers, she also has a vlogging channel (MoreZoella)  which has 3.5 million subscribers. Zoella brought out a novel in 2014, Girl Online, and in 2015 the sequel came out, Girl Online: On Tour. Hopefully there will be a Girl Online 3!

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SkinCare Routines

Skincare. That word may sound, time consuming, pricy, not worth it?

Stop! Throw those thoughts out the nearest window, because I’m about to get real with you guys about skincare. Firstly you need to start having a skincare  routine. Either you don’t have a set routine or you have one but you just use random things you grabbed from your sisters bathroom.

Thats not going to cut it! If you want to bring out your best look and allow your skin to glow you’d better get a dedicated skin routine – and fast!

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Matching Sets Coming Back in Style?

Have you seen? Have you Heard?

Thats right, Matching sets are coming back in style. Who is responsible? Zendaya Coleman!

I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of Zendaya Coleman rocking matching pieces at the latest events. Zendaya has been at it to bring matching sets back in style and finally she has succeeded. Matching sets are back on store shelves! But will they last? (Vote your opinion in the poll down below).

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